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Remember that updates are available in real time only for PRO or FREE registered versions:


SARDU MultiBoot Creator 4.3.1 released

SARDU Pro's team is glad to announce the final release of SARDU MultiBoot Creator 4.3.1 Free for Windows (only personal and not commercial use) and PRO.
You can download the new version here

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SARDU MultiBoot Creator 4.3.1 can boot a PC or a Mac (Intel based)
SARDU MultiBoot Creator 4.3.1 is cross platform, can build a media MultiBoot under Windows and Linux (Under Linux can't manage Windows section).
SARDU MultiBoot Creator 4.3.1 registered and/or pro support update in real time. *

This is the changelog from 4.2.0 version

    Fixed critical issue for MultiBoot ISO creation
    Fixed background and tools issue in creating USB MultiBoot

    Updated Memtest to 10.2 build 1000 (UEFI)
    Updated Memtest86+ to 6.10 (UEFI + Bios Legacy )
    Updated ISO manage to support Fedora >37 from Legacy Bios Boot
    Updated the database of managed ISOs
    Updated and improved language management (translations)    
    Improved ISO name recognition
    Fixed Exception when the USB combo is empty    
    Improved GUI
    Improved User experience    
    And ... more.    

* Only registered version or higher
** Only for PRO version
*** Since Microsoft changes versions and checks frequently it doesn't necessarily work perfectly. In our tests it worked without changing the ISO
Windows upgraded are only for SARDU for Windows
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Make sure that no firewall or anti-virus locks SARDU MultiBoot Creator 4.3.1 and prevent logging and other functionality.
Have fun
Davide Costa