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SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO - Graphical User Interface
SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO - Graphical User Interface

SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO is software able to create a bootable removable media for PC and MAC x86 (supports UEFI). Create customizable USB or DVD boot disks with a software selected by the user and a MULTIBOOT Menu.

Who is the typical SARDU Pro user?

If you take care of maintenance and/or security of personal computers, or you're a geek and want to carry around a single bootable media such as a USB stick, SARDU MultiBoot Creator PRO is the only product you need. SARDU is a real informatics Swiss army Knife – carry an IT tool box with you.

What can you do with a bootable removable media?
Support MultiBoot created with SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO can contain programs and utilities to perform countless operations on the PC, such as:

  • Obtain BIOS legacy and UEFI multiboot usb

  • Install Windows 10 and all Windows from USB with legacy or UEFI boot * without DVD disk.
  • Repair a corrupted or damaged Windows installation.
  • Disinfect an infected system and remove viruses, malware ... with more AntiVirus Rescue Disks
  • Create multibootable Microsoft Windows PE images 
  • Recover deleted or corrupt data.
  • Change or recover a forgotten password.
  • Test your hardware and/or software and possibly solve the problems.
  • Test the security of your networks to possibly discover the leaks, vulnerabilities, and protect them from potential exploits.
  • Navigate in a perfectly anonymous environment, preserving your privacy.
  • Save or erase data you want to preserve or delete.
  • Perform a forensic analysis.
  • Transform your PC into a complete media player or gaming console.
  • Try multiple Linux Live distributions.
  • Bringing children from two years old on the use of PC systems specifically designed for their age.
  • Choose from a  list of Utilities such as antivirus, cloning, partition, boot recovery, data recovery, and system rescue disks
  • Create Windows or Linux boot disks with multiple OS versions
  • Directly download supported Utilities and Windows/Linux distributions from trusted sources
  • Verify the integrity of your downloads with built-in MD5 and SHA256 hash functions

Which version of SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO is for you.
Enter the shop to compare the features of the different versions of SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO. We are sure you will find what's right for you.

* Only FAT32, Windows XP and Windows Seven don't have UEFI support