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Utility Hard Disk Sentinel DOS added version 1.21 - 01/03/2021

SARDU pro's team is glad to announce that we have added the ISO Utility Hard Disk Sentinel DOS at SARDU MultiBoot Creator 3.x.

ISO added:

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS version 1.21

Command line switches - hdsdos.exe

  • /N - disable detection of disk controllers and hard disks connected to them
  • /H - high compatibility mode
  • /M - maximum compatibility mode (use when some hard disk(s) are not detected)
  • /D - do not display "save report" option and do not wait
  • /R [report.xml] - save report to filename (default: report.xml)
  • /A - automatically save report to file name created from current date (MMDDHHMM.xml)
  • /TXT - create and save TXT report instead of XML
  • /ASK - ask for description and include it in report
  • /SEC - display hard disk security status also
  • /AAM - display automatic acoustic information also
  • /SETAAM drive_num|ALL level(hex)80-FE|QUIET|LOUD - set acoustic level on one or all disks
    80 or QUIET is the lowest (most silent) setting, FE or LOUD is the highest (fastest) setting
    Examples: HDSDOS /setaam all quiet - sets all drive to most silent
    HDSDOS /setaam 0 loud - sets drive 0 to fastest (loud) setting. Same as HDSDOS /setaam 0 FE
  • /SMART - display SMART information on screen
  • /P - pause between pages
  • /? - displays help information 

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