Packet details: Pro Basic

If you love technology, if you're a geek, if you like to take care by yourself of the problems of your PC, or you simply wish to support us in the development of the project, SARDU Pro Basic is your software.
You don't have to be an expert to use SARDU Pro Basic, for you will immediately be able to create as many USB pendrive as you wish in order to take care of both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of your PCs... but not only this: you will be able to know and safely use countless Linux Live distributions, including derivates, thanks to the Extra options.
SARDU supported softwares, whose database is constantly updated, are divided in four main groups (Antivirus, Utility, Linux e Windows) and then catalogued by categories which make it easy to understand their use: with SARDU Pro Basic you can search by these categories to let the software accompany you in your learning of new operative systems as easily and safely as possible: no installation, a single USB pen, a handy MultiBoot menu by which you can choose the system you wish to boot among those you chose. And you will get all these things in a few minutes, and without any advanced computer knowledge.
Using the same USB pen-drive you created with SARDU MultiBoot Creator, you will be able to give new life to your old PCs. Use Linux Live to browse the Internet in an anonymous and protected environment or try an OS on your PC without installing it. Use Linux Live to check e-mails with suspect attachments (Windows executables will not work under Linux) or diagnose and remove viruses. You can also turn your PC into a complete multimedia player or into a educational system for children with an age-appropriate OS.
If your needs are more technical, you will be able to install up two version of Windows (+ Win XP ) from a single USB pen-drive. Boot from a USB pen-drive to an all new generation of PCs, notebooks, netbooks, and Macs with UEFI boot. Once your purchase is completed, your license will be activated in real time.
The countless customization possibilities will grant you a fantastic user experience, while easily creating your bootable USB drives.
SARDU MultiBoot Creator Pro is the most complete instrument available, used by technicians from 236 countries around the world... at the cost of a hot dog.

In addition to those included in the FREE version this packet includes:
adaware amd64; adaware x86; android 8.1 Oreo x86; android 8.1 Oreo x86_64; barrosu; Burner; Category; Clonezilla i686; Clonezilla i686 PAE; Debian installer - test; Download 5; Extra; Gandalf 10 PE; Installer 8.1; Installer Eight; Installer Seven; Installer Vista; menu_EFI; Mint installer; Mythbuntu LTS; Partition Wizard 32 bit; QEMU; Search; Systemreparaturdatentraeger; Ubuntu Gnome Desktop LTS; WDO Windows Defender Offline 32bit; WDO Windows Defender Offline 64bit; wIn (2); Win 10 PE; Win 10 PE SE; Win 7PE; Win 8 PE; Win 8.1 PE SE; Windows 10 Installer; Windows PE > 2; Windows PE 1; Windows XP Pro x86; Windows XP x64; Windows XP x86; wPe (1); wPE2 (1); wXP (1)