Build a pendrive Multiboot for PC and MAC

SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO - Graphical User Interface
SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO - Graphical User Interface

SARDU Multiboot Creator PRO 3, farther, allows you to install from a single USB stick* multiple versions of Windows, allows you to boot from one USB stick unlimited Linux distributions using the Extra options **.

If you have not already done so, download SARDU Multiboot Creator 3.

SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 FREE version is available only for home users and non-commercial use and have reduced functionality.

If you are a professional or a geek, you can't not like getting the functionality dedicated to PRO users. Professional versions are designed to meet the diverse needs of the user who takes care of maintenance and security, and of the passionate computer expert, and fully customizable to meet the needs of each user category.

SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO is a software able to create a single bootable removable media for PC and MAC (supports EFI), such as a USB or a DVD, with customizable boot disks selected by the user and can be selected from the menu MULTIBOOT.

For those who are recommended?
If you take care of maintenance and / or security of personal computers, or you're a geek and want to carry around a single bootable media such as a USB stick, SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO is the only product you need: a real informatics Swiss army Knife, the tool box informatics with you.

What can you do with a bootable removable media?
Support MULTIBOOT created with SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO can contain programs and utilities to perform countless operations on the PC or Mac, such as:

  • Boot one PC or Mac from USB (Legacy and/or EFI) and test the hardware and / or software and possibly solve the problems.
  • Disinfect an infected system and remove viruses, malware, etc.
  • Recover deleted or corrupt, is that the HD in external memories.
  • Change or recover a forgotten password.
  • Installing or repairing an operating system.
  • Test the security of our networks and possibly discover the leaks and protect them from potential exploits.
  • Navigate in a perfectly anonymous preserving their privacy.
  • Save / erase data you want to preserve / delete.
  • Perform a forensic analysis.
  • Transform our PC into a complete media player.
  • Transform our PC into a complete game console.
  • Try a Live Linux distribution.
  • Bringing children from two years old on the use of PC systems specifically designed for their age.

Which version of SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO is for you.
Enter the shop and compare the features of the different versions of SARDU Multiboot Creator 3 PRO, we are sure you will find what's right for you.

* FAT32
** Linux derivate da distribuzioni quali Ubuntu, Debian, Android, Fedora, Puppy ...